My research is all conducted on high performance computers and primarily involves analyzing genome sequence data. You do not have to know any computer programming to join the lab, but you should expect to learn some. Don’t be scared off by this requirement. Give it a try and see how a little programming can help you answer exciting biological questions.

It is my goal that all members of my lab will succeed in the lab and in the future. Thus, you can expect the following from me:

  • weekly meetings to make sure you are progressing
  • a real research project that helps you learn
  • assistance in learning necessary skills (e.g. git, command line, coding)
  • help with writing (manuscripts and fellowship / graduate school applications)
  • opportunities to discuss future career goals and ways to facilitate these goals
  • recommendation letters (after you have been working in the lab for at least one semester)
  • academic credit or pay depending on your needs, interests, and contribution to the lab

In return I expect the following from undergraduate students:

  • weekly meetings to provide an update on your progress
  • maintain data and code such that it could be used by others in the lab
  • one presentation per semester on your research in lab meeting
  • written reports as needed to facilitate publications
  • assistance in training new students
  • open communication with me about whether the research you are doing holds your interest